The Tenant is our client,
not the landlord.

The Buyer is our client, not the seller.


We don’t work for landlords, or competing buyers and tenants.

The independence and freedom of action arising from this provides a degree of objectivity, transparency and bottom line results that is wholly unavailable from within the confines of a traditional real estate company.

This is just one of the ways our clients gain an important strategic advantage in the fiercely competitive environment that is commercial real estate.


No conflicts of interest

Normal brokers working on commission never fully represent you as buyer or tenant. Landlord commissions mean they get paid more when they convince you to accept less. We eliminate this problem entirely while still capturing landlord and seller commissions to offset costs.

Performance based compensation
(new in 2012)

Compensation at The BSA is performance based. In the fall of 2012, we initiated an innovative gain sharing model where fees can be tied directly to the economic benefits we negotiate for our clients. If you don’t gain substantially from our efforts, neither do we.