The Business Space Advocate was one of the very first real estate companies to pioneer commercial business tenant and buyer representation. Formed in the mid 1980s, we helped establish buyer and tenant representation as an effective and highly desirable agency model in Washington State.

Since our inception we have represented a broad spectrum of businesses – high tech, low tech, non-profit and governmental –  and have gone on to become recognized as a uniquely qualified specialist in tenant and buyer representation for healthcare professionals.

For over 25 years our business model has required we not take listings or property management agreements. In this way negotiations are never compromised by ties to landlords and property owners. In the late 1990s we went an important step further. Now we also refrain from representing any prospective client whose real estate interests might conflict in any way with the interests of clients we are currently serving.

This creates the highest fiduciary standard in the industry for buyer/tenant representation and is unmatched by any other commercial real estate company.

During the past three years, The BSA has undertaken significant process improvements so that not only are the outcomes achieved the best possible for our clients, but projects are paced in the most cost effective and time efficient manner possible.

In 2012 we implemented a gain sharing model where fees can be tied to the economic benefits we negotiate for our clients. If you don’t gain substantially from our efforts, then neither do we.

Today The BSA remains unparalleled in its ability to provide a quality of client service that is particularly unique in a brokerage community that historically has only provided effective representation to landlords and property sellers.

Exclusive Representation

We do the opposite of what typical real estate companies do...

Traditional brokers ask you to sign “exclusive representation” agreements that bind you to them, but still give them the right to represent other competing buyers and tenants at the same time. Worse still, most of the time their proposals designate them as a “dual agent” which means they get paid twice as much for giving you no representation (don’t let the term mislead you, agency law specifically prohibits ‘dual agents’ from negotiating on the buyer’s or tenant’s behalf).

Bottom line: Their agreements are designed to work far more to their benefit than to yours.

Unlike traditional real estate companies, we will not represent other tenants or purchasers who may be competing for the same space or building that you want.

Unlike traditional real estate brokers, we will never try to coerce you into accepting something by telling you we have another client “who’s ready to take the deal if you don’t.”

We intentionally limit our freedom of action, committing to represent only you, and no one else, during negotiations for locations in your market area.

No other real estate company does this.