The Business Space Advocate has served a broad spectrum of healthcare and business clients.

They range from medical and dental to retail, warehouse, manufacturing and general office users.


Alan Bryant, DDS Smiles by Bryant   Joo-won Francis Yoon, DDS Cottage Lake Family Dentistry


Alan Sato, DDS Edmonds Oral Surgery   Joy Rivero, DMD Precision Endodontics


Alicia Wong, DMD, MPH Art of Pediatric Dentistry   Kari Chellis, RDH, DDS Smile Secrets


Allen Colic, DDS, DMD Endodontics Northwest   Kathy Roberts, Practice Manager Seattle Neurosurgery


Amy Cook, DDS BriarWood Dental    Keavin McIntosh, DMD


Anna Danieli, DDS Kevin Lee,  DDS Granite Falls Dental Care


Anna Lisin, DDS Lake Sammamish Family Dentistry   Kevin Lee,  DDS Lakewood Dental Care


Anna Spencer, DMD Spencer Family Dental   Kevin Sakai, DDS  Just for Kids Dentistry


Antony Egnal, MD Eastside Family Medicine Clinic   Kimberly Chapman, DDS


Arne Ness, DDS Village Dentistry   Kirk Boettcher, DDS


Audrey Lee, DDS Kirk Peterson, DDS Canyon Park Dental


Bill Mulliken, DDS Mill Creek Family Dentistry   Kyoko Awamura, DDS Bellevue Pediatric Dentistry & Orthodontics


Bob Fankhauser, PT Fankhauser Physical Therapy   Larry Adatto, DDS


Brad Larreau, DDS Smokey Point Dental   Laura Howrey, DDS Foley Family Dental


Brian Rubens, DDS Laurie Brion, DDS


Brian Williams, DDS Federal Way Dentistry   Leah Worstman, DDS North Seattle Dental


Bruce Johnson, DDS Leif Rasmussen, DDS Vashon Dental


Bryan Roos, DMD Roos Orthodontics   Lisa Park, DDS Fremont Dental


Chad Carver, DDS Carver Orthodontics   Loren Ford, General Manager Thorn Ford Dental Laboratory 


Chad Slocum, DDS Penny Creek Family & Cosmetic Dentistry   Lori Noga, DMD Tranquility Dental


Charles Backman, DDS, MSD Endodontics Northwest   Mark Hagenbaugh, PT, VP Cascade Rehab Associates


Charles Jackson, MD Allergy and Asthma Associates    Mark Hagenbaugh, PT, Regional VP Eagle Rehab


Christopher Pickel, DDS North Seattle Dental   Mark Hagenbaugh, VP, Principal Northwestern Sports Clinic


Christian Manley, DDS, MS, PS  Christian P Manley Orthodontics   Mark Holzemer, President, CEO Bellegrove Medical Supply


Christopher Lugo, DMD Marysville Children's Dentistry   Mark Holzemer, President, CEO Bellegrove Pharmacy


Clint Worton, DDS Alderwood Children's Dentistry   Mark Holzemer, President, CEO Custom Perscriptions


Colby Cockerel, DMD Capital City Family Dentistry   Mark Shope, MD Valley Women's Health Care


Colin Del Rosario, DDS Mark Stockwell, DDS Murphy's Corner Dental


Dale VanDerschelden, DDS Northwest Dental Group   Matthew Bagnulo, DDS


Darrel Jensen, DDS Queen Anne Gentle Dentistry   Maxwell Bloeser, DDS Queen Anne Hilltop Dental


Darrin Rapoport, DDS, MSD  Pacific Northwest Periodontics   Mayer Yashar, DDS Pacific Family Dental


David Aronowitz, DDS Bellevue Specialized Dental Care   Michael Kern, DDS, PS Michael Kern Family Dentistry


David Baker, DDS Implant and Periodontal Clinic    Michael Hrankowski, DDS Edmonds Woodway Dental Care   


David Gilbertson, DC Mill Creek Chiropractic Clinic   Michael Hyodo, DDS Bellevue Dental Care


Dawn Bova, DMD, MBA Michael Hyodo, DDS Granite Falls Dental Care


Debra Cederbaum, DDS Michael Hyodo, DDS Lakewood Dental Care


Denise Kraft, MD Eastside Family Medicine Clinic   Michael Peters, MD, President Seattle Radiologists


Dennis Welch, DDS Totem Lake Family Dentistry   Michelle Zamora, Practice Manager Swedish Urology Group


Douglas Whitfield, DDS Enhanced Smiles   Patricia Cleavinger, DDS


Duane Jones, DDS Center for Advanced Dental Medicine   Paul Kulits, DMD Kulits Orthodontics/Everett


Eric Bergstrom, OD Queen Anne Eye Clinic    Paul Kulits, DMD Kulits Orthodontics/Arlington


Eric Brockman, DMD Peggy Chang, DDS


Eric Kitts, DDS Soundview Family Dental   Peter Galgano, DDS Galgano Orthodontics


Erik L. Torgerson, MD Swedish Urology Group   Phillip H. Chapman, MD Swedish Urology Group


Eric Weller, DDS Canyon Park Dental   Phyllis Keller, President Evergreen Medical Dental Partnership


Frankie Sulaiman, DDS, MS Pacific Prosthodontics   Randall Ogata, DDS, MS University Orthodontics


Fred Arima, Jr., OD Mill Creek Eye & Contact Lens Clinic   Rion A. Berg, DPM Foot & Ankle Center of Lake City


Garrison Ayars, MD Allergy and Asthma Associates    Robert Andrew Beaty, DDS Drew Beaty DDS Family and Cosmetic Dentistry


Geoffrey Chan, DDS Robert Bigler, MD, President Valley Women's Health Care


Georgina Trask, DDS, MSD Trask Orthodontics   Robert Gelb, DDS, PS


Greg Olson, DDS Olson Pediatric Dentistry   Robert Niedbalski, DO Northwest Hair Restoration


Gregory Vaughn, DDS Leone & Vaughn Orthodontics   Robert Radz, DDS South Hill Family Dentistry


Gregory Fisher, DDS Roger W. Hall, DO Silver Lake Eye Clinic


Harry Turner, DDS Acorn Dental Clinic   Ronald Frost, DDS, PS Redmond Family Dentistry


Heather Woloshyn, DMD, MSD Sara Lundgaard, DDS Penny Creek Family & Cosmetic Dentistry


Howard Robinson, DVM Brookfield Veterinary Hospital   Scott Clayhold, DMD, MDS


Hyun Hong, MD Washington Center for Pain Management   Shahrzad Sarram, DDS, MSD Northgate Endodontics


Jacob Waller, DC, CSCS Performance Chiropractic Clinic   Shannon O'Kelley Integrated Rehabilitation Group


Jacqueline Bunce, DDS, MS Bellevue Family Orthodontics    Sheila Quinn, VP of Finance
& Administrative Affairs
Natural Health Clinic of Bastyr College


James Hudson, Practice Manager Eastside Gastroenterology   Simone Kim, DDS Fremont Dental


James Lord, DDS, MSD, FICD, FACD Pacific Prosthodontics   Sora Lee, DDS, PhD Fremont Dental


James Nash, DDS Stanley Bunas, MD


James Tremann, MD Swedish Urology Group   Stanley Gile, DDS Gile Orthodontics


Janine Czerniecki, OT, PT Cascade Children’s Therapy   Stepanka Chae, DDS


Janice Keller Phelps, MD Alternatives in Medicine   Steven Crawford, DDS


Janine Rowley Cooley, MD Eastside Family Medicine Clinic   Steven Davis, OD Mill Creek Family Eye Center


Jason Bourne, DDS Bourne Orthodontics   Susan Isaacson, DDS Belltown Dentistry


Jason Fligor, DDS New32 Dental   Susan Petcoff, DO, PS Seattle Women's Wellness


Jason Steinhubel, DDS All Smiles Dentistry   T. Robin Sloane, MD Eastside Gastroenterology


Jeffrey Kanter, DMD Teresa Castner, DDS


Jeffrey Prager, DDS Bellingham Smile Care & Sleep Center   Thomas C. Green, MD Swedish Urology Group


Jill Brinkman, DDS, MD Edmonds Oral Surgery   Tim Butson, DMD, MSD


Jiten Patel, DDS, MSD Endodontics Northwest   Tim Steege, MD Northwest Neurological Surgery


JoAnne Keller-Green,
Hands for Living   Todd Miesel, DDS South Lake Family Dentistry


Johann Yi, DDS Bellevue Dental Care   Tom Kane, DDS Family Dental Care/Mill Creek


Johann Yi, DDS Granite Falls Dental Care   Tony Sieu, DDS Novelty Hill Family Dentistry


Johann Yi, DDS Lakewood Dental Care   Travis Sorensen, DMD Sorensen Orthodontics 


John Headley, MD, PS Northwest Dermatology   Tyra Malmborg-O'Kelley, Principal Silver Lake Physical Therapy


John Heldridge, DDS Edmonds Oral Surgery   Wahid El Bahr, DMD Silver Lake Endodontics


John Hoag, DDS  Wallace Wong, DDS, PS


John Hodges, DDS Wendy Crisafulli, DDS Crisafulli Dental


John Keene, MD Swedish Urology Group   William Hooe, DDS, MS North Sound Oral Surgery


John Stieber, DDS William Shewey, DDS


John Zanas, PT, CSCS Health South   Kidcare - Sick child day care Counterpoint Community Mental Health


Jon Kulesa, DDS Totem Lake Family Dentistry